Un Solo Bacio: Etta Scollo & PMCE @ Strasbourg, Palais du Rhin

Etta Scollo, voix
PMCE – Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble

21 Octobre 2012 @ Palais Du Rhin, Strasbourg

Un solo bacio, progetto musicale e poetico di Etta Scollo
CrisantemiGiacomo Puccini

Francesco Peverini, violon
Filippo Fattorini, violon
Alessio Toro, alto
Dario Silveri, violoncelle

The “Suona Italiano” festival, designed to introduce the French to classical and contemporary Italian music, is making its second appearance. This event is organised throughout France, from September to December, in collaboration with the French embassy in Italy and the “Musica per Roma” foundation, and with the support of Enel France, proving once more its commitment to the promotion of Italian culture within France. This season is intended to show openness to the plurality of musical languages and is resolutely oriented towards the future.

Une production Musica Per Roma en collaboration avec l’Istitut Culturel Italien de Strasbourg.



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